Ripple partner Forte announces collaboration with gaming developers

Together with Ripple, Forte is integrating blockchain technology in the gaming sector, aiming at increasing XRP integration in the gaming industry.

Announced on November 17ththe economy platform Forte is partnering with game developers Gallium Studios, Monster Ideas, Penrose and GC Turbo

The companies should now use Forte’s blockchain technology to create new models for promoting and rewarding gaming communities. Forte stated that the company wants to enable gamers to trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using the cryptocurrency XRP .

Together, Forte and its portfolio of developer partners will research, validate and integrate new gameplay and business designs into existing and future games ,

it says in the announcement. Another goal is to counteract the differences in the innovations and applications of games between players and game developers. The company wants to create a new „community economy“ in the gaming industry. Jeff Tunnell, President of Monster Ideas, commented on the venture as follows:

Our collaboration with Forte gives us the opportunity to explore new economic models that can balance the efforts of developers and gamers and reshape the way games are funded and created

He also stressed that Forte’s new partners are all masters in their field. Jia Shen, CEO and Co-Founder of GC Turbo, said the main focus was on developing new types of player-centric business models that would bring even more benefits to the community.

Forte made it clear, however, to be open to any kind of cooperation with companies whose technologies are based on a blockchain.